Careers at Headquarters

Business Development, Assistant to VP

Our sales team are some of the coolest brightest full of energy entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. Everyday they step up to grow their business and provide massive value to their clients – our job is to help them.

You are their eyes, ears, action and resourceful presence at the corporate office. You’ll crunch numbers, track down equipment, software, communicate with their clients and keep the entrepreneur on track. While they’re riding the range and wrangling business, you’re the one who makes sure it all goes to plan.

Marketing: Direct response email + PR

In 1995 we launched FFUSA from our basement. We had no money and no clients. What we did have was resourcefulness and clarity. We not only grew out of the basementbut also broke every sales record in the process.

Along the way we created a crystal clear marketing system – and it works. We’ve even written books about it.

Today we continue to reach for what’s next and expand into new markets with new ideas.

Your mission here will be two fold:

1) Learn and operate our proprietary (primarily email) marketing system and help make it better.

2) Be involved in discussions of philosophy, human psychology and perception. Then create and test using email marketing, social media and off line – you’ll A/B test, run analytics, explain results, work with stakeholders to determine direction, design and integration.