Accept cards where ever you want to be – easily.

It’s really pretty cool.

Get the right account for you.

Sometimes the “#1 mobile solution” feels more like #2.

Very true with a mobile payments merchant account. The one you see on TV all the time is easy to get and it’s easy to start, but it’s not really your account, it can be expensive and it may take awhile to get your money.

With us your mobile account is real, just like a retail store’s account, and just as fast to get your money.

Download the app

To start begin accepting mobile payments, simply download the app directly from Apple iTunes, Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Existing merchants must contact FFUSA at 1-888-416-4720 to receive gateway credentials to begin quickly processing mobile payments as well as order the optional encrypting reader.

You may elect to hand-key card data as opposed to paying for the reader to swipe the cards. New merchants must be set up for card processing in order to use Mobile Payments and will go through the same streamlined underwriting process as a traditional card merchant.

You can also elect to order the Mobile Payments card reader if you’ll be accepting cards in person.