Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Increase value to your clients and generate revenue with minimal effort.

You’ve done something really extraordinary. Now you have clients that appreciate the value you provide and trust that you’re going to continue to do them right. That’s really admirable.

We understand the value of your relationships. Your clients are your business, your future business from referrals, and your reputation as a respected association or business. Entrust them into the care of a trustworthy partner, who has the same ethical standards and professionalism as you do. We have a long history of providing clients with the best programs available while giving them 24/7 white-glove service.

Case Study #1

Partner: Banks

Opportunity: “We hate dealing with merchant service accounts!” It’s often what we hear from banks. They begrudgingly offer merchant services because their business customers expect it. However, supporting the variety of terminals, e-commerce and integration methods can often create more problems than it’s worth, jeopardizing their existing relationship with long-standing customers. Now banks can plug into First Financial and promote merchant services knowing that we have the expertise to provide stellar support their clients. This way, bank clients are happy and so are the banks – their headaches go away, overhead goes down and profit goes up!

Case Study #2

Partner: Jay Abraham – Influencer

Opportunity: Jay Abraham is considered one of the greatest marketing minds alive today. He has shared his marketing knowledge with students all around the world. By pairing his marketing education with First Financial’s unique sales opportunity his students were able to turn Jay’s genius into cash. Which led Jay to say “First Financial is, in my opinion, the most preeminent credit card processing company in the industry.”

Case Study #3

Partner: A Software Company

Opportunity: Our partner, a software engineer and equipment manufacturer to the car wash industry needed our help. They wrote the code for their automated car wash systems, but the card processor they were interfacing with had an unstable system that would break down. These breakdowns usually occurred during their busiest times – their network simply couldn’t handle the volume or the technical requirements. First Financial was able to solve their technical issues and provide a stable card processing interface. Now business runs smoothly. The car wash system works perfectly, customers are happy, client retention rates are high and the car washes are experiencing higher profits.

Case Study #4

Partner: Optometrists Association

Opportunity: The Optometrists Association was looking for a credit card processing partner. The problem was they were having a tough time finding anybody that provided the hands on concierge attitude and follow-through that they were looking for… until they found First Financial. With First Financial they found we were miles ahead of any other merchant services partner that they could have chosen. The follow-through and support that we provide assured both the association and the optometrists that they made the right choice. The First Financial system created participation rates that were as much as 2,000% greater than our competition.